Text of ListView Subitems not updated when using AddRange (WinForms)

When ListView.AddRange was used to add the sub items to an item in a WinForms ListView, a bug in the .NET Framework prevents text updates:…


Talk: „Relational database migrations (with Flyway)“

The slides for the talk „Relational database migrations (with Flyway)“ (RheinNeckarJS Meetup|Twitter, 15.02.2017) are online at Speakerdeck.   I will show how you can use…


Minimizing your Docker images

As your project grows it can be challenging to make sure that only the necessary files get sent to the Docker daemon.   There are…


Talk: „Pipelines vom Commit bis zur Docker-Testinstanz“

Die Unterlagen zum Vortrag „Pipelines vom Commit bis zur Docker-Testinstanz“ (DevOps Rhein-Neckar Meetup, 23.01.2017) sind auf Speakerdeck online verfügbar.   In 5 Minuten vom einem…
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(Incomplete) List of Android app permissions requiring a privacy policy

„Your app has an apk with version code xyz that requests the following permission(s): …. Apps using these permissions in an APK are required to…


Configure nginx for SSL

When setting up nginx to use HTTPS we checked the site with the SSL Server Test of Qualys. The result page showed several hints to…
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